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You decided to improve the business position on the Internet and hired Affordable SEO professionals. Those promise that in a month Google will issue a link to your company in the first line.But in the end, you lose a decent amount, and the company remains in such depths of search, where no one peeps.

How to understand that you are bred

The signs of an unfair agency can be divided into obvious and implicit ones:

Explicit signs: tales of super-secret technologies that are not subject to disclosure. You are prohibited from looking at statistics and threatening in the style of “if you do not work with us further – we will turn everything off and the business will collapse.”

Implicit signs: ignoring the basic requirements for the technical optimization of the page of your site, ignoring obvious mistakes on your part, cumbersome reports without a clear explanation.

Requesting details on their current work, they immediately began to threaten with a catastrophe that would begin after the termination of the contract. The use of the Affordable SEO services are there as well.

How to measure the success of cooperation

The control points should be as close as possible to the results for which you evaluate the business. Ideally, these are sales that have provided search traffic. But not always the success of Internet marketing is estimated by sales. Then build the triangle “traffic-time-costs” and monitor the agency on these criteria.And constantly check whether internal optimization is well set up. This will become insurance against ineffective agency actions.

Something went wrong at the talks. How to understand

Instead of interest in the business model, you are hanging noodles about unique but secret techniques. The phrase “Well, we’ll try” says that the specialist does not commit himself.

How to clearly explain the tasks

The correct statement of the problem looks like this: what you specifically need from SEO. Business is often mistaken and misrepresents the agency. So already in the commercial offer, you will be able to get a forecast of traffic and leads, based on primary analytics, and not on an unfounded theory. If you are afraid that your data – access to the counters and information about orders and sales – can go to competitors, it is worth signing the NDA.

Do not trust empty forecasts

Even the best contractor will not undertake to guarantee the figures that you will receive. While there is no reliable data on the conversion of the site, it is impossible to promise the growth of orders, and it is impossible to predict the indicators based on the theory. This also applies to traffic growth – it is important to understand the current level and seasonality.

  • If someone is ready to promise you specific indicators before you have access to your meter, do not believe it. Rather, it is an occasion to begin to doubt the competence of the contractor.

In order to orient the client in the proposed figures, contractors can offer an arithmetic mean, based on their experience. The answer should be something like this: “The site of your type with this type of query we display in the top search for three months.”

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