Inquire the own website of the company or professional

If you see something strange or distrustful analyzing the company’s website then discard it. There is no room for excuses such as they have not finished the web because they have not stopped doing projects, the web is a bit abandoned because they do not have time, they do not have time to check their own website, at blacksmith’s house, stick knife, etc. Avoid always all the dimes and directs and choose the Web Designers for its professionalism, experience and above all for its transparency.Its not hat simple but not tough either.

Contact with clients of the company

A good way to have positive or negative feedback is to contact a customer of the company. It is very common for companies to advertise the web projects they have made. So in this way you can access the clients’ websites and contact them. It is recommended you to prepare 3 or 4 very simple questions of the type. Are you happy with the work done? If there were any, what things did you not like about the experience of working with this company? And finally, has the project met your expectations?

Visit the company and meet with the work team.

Normally when you are going to hire the services of a company you only talk to the sales person. However, you should not only stay there but you should also ask to know the people who will supposedly perform your project with names and surnames so that you know who will design your website, who will program it and who will direct and supervise the project. The objective is to identify well if the work will be done by more or less professional people and with more or less experience.

Analyze the presence of the company in social networks

This aspect is very important if you are going to hire a social media strategy since it does not make sense to hire a marketing company that has 50 fans on Facebook and 50 followers on Twitter. This indicator makes you realize that you are in front of a company with little experience and therefore inexperienced.

Conclusion: Analyze the SEO positioning of the company

This aspect is important if you are going to hire an SEO strategy for your web and it is not necessary to have knowledge of the subject. You just have to do simple searches in Google and place the web that you want to analyze and it will show you various free results of your best words positioned in the search engine or if you oppose a company to position your business when it has a null or negligible positioning in the search engine?

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