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Better Opportunities for the Essential SMO

Although there are no specific rules for using social media, the company trends recently introduced us for our opinion on the subject.Simply put on paper our strengths, our weaknesses, our partners, our customers, our values, our beliefs, our passions, our interests, our competitors, inspirations and our habits of life with the technologies (example: you are using a BlackBerry or iPhone, etc.). This reflection allows, among other things, to determine a social tool that you can use to start. Once you know why you use it and are well integrated in your habits, you can use another one. It is one thing at a time. For better SMO and to increase the Like and share you should know the followings.

Each network has its strengths and weaknesses and you too.

Create your profile (Facebook, LinkeIn, Twitter, etc.) too quickly

  • Advertising from the start, creating a profile gives the impression of being a “spammer”. People do not like this approach.
  • Forgetting to regularly update its accounts on social networks / administering its social platforms by a trainee
  • One of the difficulties when we start on social networks is to be regular. I advise going there with a realistic pace. Sometimes, you may not be present. To fill the void, you can schedule publications in advance.

Create a Twitter account and stay in monitoring mode

It’s possible. It may be that the person simply did not understand the use and did not incorporate it into their habits. Another case is that some people also reserve names of users in various social networks to be able to use them later without losing their name.

Want to get immediate results

  • Building strong and lasting relationships takes time, as in any relationship … and even virtual.
  • Do not thank those who refer us (on Twitter for example)
  • It is possible that we did not get used to doing it. It’s not a regulation as such, but from time to time it’s appreciated. The more personalized the steps, the more concrete the results.
  • Publish the same content on all social media without listening or participating in exchanges to save time
  • In my opinion, it is necessary to diversify the content as much as possible and to be interested in the people who are part of your Web community.

Collect “friends”, “followers” or “contacts” to become more popular

If your goal is to sell, do you say that the marketing approach has no place 100% on social media? If you only collect people and do not participate in discussions and do not take the time to respond to people who add you to their account, the chances of positive feedback are minimal.

Being arrogant

Nobody likes to chat with unpleasant people. If you tend to be, without really wanting to, you can try to take the time to reread yourself before publishing. The recipe is to avoid going too spontaneously. You can continue to stay on social media by being aware that all information is public. It is advisable to control our behavior and certain emotions.

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