Welcome back to the final post of this three-part special. This week we’ve got some real gems for you as far as footwear brands that you might well not know. Read on…

  1. SUPRA

At the time of writing, I can safely say that Supra is no longer ‘underrated’, so this is a little bit of a cheat. But having said that, despite their global success, they still haven’t become a household name over these shores. Their most iconic style is the Supra Vader (above left) a high top shoe with a large panel. The simple design enabled Supra to create many colourways and styles which have proven extremely popular over the last year. Their new high top is fast becoming a much sought-after piece of footwear.

  1. ALIFE

Alife is another brand based out of NYC. We rarely see them here in the UK but they really know how to create a great high top.


Not notoriously known for producing footwear, ‘The Hundreds’ still came out strong with their Spring/Summer 09 collection. A great change from Vans, their styles are awash with vibrant colours, helping bring a little LA to the UK. Perfect for our small bursts of summer sun.


Gourmet is a brand that takes is influences from Italian-American culture and mixing luxurious fabrics with sneakers is a risky business but these guys seem to effortlessly pull it off. These are a mix between shoes/trainers with a fashionable twist, though however you want to label them, there’s no denying that these kicks will turn heads. Great for guys who want people to comment on their footwear and are looking for something a little different. Match these with some fitted jeans, a tidy jumper and Oliver Peoples glasses, and you’ll look so good!

  1. FEIT

It’s funny that no-one else thought of a name like this for a footwear brand. Fiet are one of those labels that I stumbled upon whilst browsing the internet and took to immediately. They say all products are made using Specialized FEIT Komponentry to ensure highest possible standards. And that can only mean a good thing…right?

The SEO Services As Per Your Requirement Here Now

You decided to improve the business position on the Internet and hired Affordable SEO professionals. Those promise that in a month Google will issue a link to your company in the first line.But in the end, you lose a decent amount, and the company remains in such depths of search, where no one peeps.

How to understand that you are bred

The signs of an unfair agency can be divided into obvious and implicit ones:

Explicit signs: tales of super-secret technologies that are not subject to disclosure. You are prohibited from looking at statistics and threatening in the style of “if you do not work with us further – we will turn everything off and the business will collapse.”

Implicit signs: ignoring the basic requirements for the technical optimization of the page of your site, ignoring obvious mistakes on your part, cumbersome reports without a clear explanation.

Requesting details on their current work, they immediately began to threaten with a catastrophe that would begin after the termination of the contract. The use of the Affordable SEO services are there as well.

How to measure the success of cooperation

The control points should be as close as possible to the results for which you evaluate the business. Ideally, these are sales that have provided search traffic. But not always the success of Internet marketing is estimated by sales. Then build the triangle “traffic-time-costs” and monitor the agency on these criteria.And constantly check whether internal optimization is well set up. This will become insurance against ineffective agency actions.

Something went wrong at the talks. How to understand

Instead of interest in the business model, you are hanging noodles about unique but secret techniques. The phrase “Well, we’ll try” says that the specialist does not commit himself.

How to clearly explain the tasks

The correct statement of the problem looks like this: what you specifically need from SEO. Business is often mistaken and misrepresents the agency. So already in the commercial offer, you will be able to get a forecast of traffic and leads, based on primary analytics, and not on an unfounded theory. If you are afraid that your data – access to the counters and information about orders and sales – can go to competitors, it is worth signing the NDA.

Do not trust empty forecasts

Even the best contractor will not undertake to guarantee the figures that you will receive. While there is no reliable data on the conversion of the site, it is impossible to promise the growth of orders, and it is impossible to predict the indicators based on the theory. This also applies to traffic growth – it is important to understand the current level and seasonality.

  • If someone is ready to promise you specific indicators before you have access to your meter, do not believe it. Rather, it is an occasion to begin to doubt the competence of the contractor.

In order to orient the client in the proposed figures, contractors can offer an arithmetic mean, based on their experience. The answer should be something like this: “The site of your type with this type of query we display in the top search for three months.”

Fine Web Design Options for You

Web design refers to the functional and visual design of a website. Through the web design this complete structure in the website along with all the functions and the sub-pages is planned and then brought into a visually appealing form via this screen design. In short, a good website is always based on good web design. And that is exactly what this article is about.

Web designs consist of a number of elements: from the initial planning to the creation of the navigation to the graphic implementation, many hurdles have to be overcome. In order for the result to ultimately serve its purpose, four key factors must be considered in each of these elements:

The website has to fit – for the company, product and target group. If the website does not suit all three, the goal of the website (whether sales, information or contact) cannot be achieved. The Salterra Web Design supports perfectly in this matter.

Our tip: ask your customers for their opinion! Do you like the website? Can you find your way around? Do you have suggestions for improvement?

As much as necessary, as little as possible: This rule also applies to websites. Any superfluous bells and whistles distract only from the actual content.

Our advice: Let an uninvolved person go through the sitemap to discover unnecessary pages and features! Bystanders have fewer scruples about “stroking” pages.

Especially in the navigation and the layout of the website reflects the clarity. So the necessary subpages or features are arranged so that everyone can find their way around.

Our tip: Define a specific hierarchy of pages – and place the most important functions and pages in a prominent position!

Of the three factors mentioned above, the most important factor that must always be considered in web design is the following: The user friendliness. What’s the use of the most beautiful website if the user cannot navigate?

Our tip: keyword Joy of Use: Treat your visitors with joy through small success experiences, pleasant handling and attractive graphics!

So far so good. But how do you translate these “Fantastic Four of Web Design,” as I so pompously dubbed them? The best way to see this is through some important steps in web design.

A good website should fit in the corporate design of the company. If no corporate design exists yet, this must be tackled in front of the website. On the other hand, of course, a website is something else than a print catalog and must also be treated as something stand-alone: ​​One to one adaptions do not work!

Layout means not only that a good, i.e. clear, minimalistic and the corporate design, layout for the site is designed. The website consist of many individual subpages – from the start page, individual contributions, category overviews to this contact form. All these pages should each be built according to their individual purpose.

Better CRM Management With the Right Tech Help

Many people assume that the software performs marketing automation for them, so they do not care about the need to use additional tools.

It is not always so. Many applications are just CRM systems. They have several opportunities to attract new customers, but do not perform a full cycle of marketing operations. This feature provides additional tools. So why is it necessary to implement a marketing automation tool in CRM? The answer is simple, because the integration will provide a much greater return on your investment in CRM.

Why do marketing automation tools and CRM need to be used together?

A much more important reason for marketing automation is this: Every organization needs more customers. CRM system can provide potential customers to build a customer base. But most of them are not equipped with tools for generating customers. CRM Marketing is the best tool for collecting data and turning it into useful information. Have a visit to to know more.

Here are reasons why it makes sense to combine marketing automation and CRM:

  • The combination provides insight into the data collected, and determines the purchasing habits of potential customers.
  • Analytical evaluations obtained using CRM and a marketing automation tool help organizations build stronger relationships with customers before sales occur.
  • The combined efforts of CRM and marketing tools help identify potential customers, ensuring that the time of the sales department is spent on processing quality leads.
  • CRM with a marketing automation tool prioritizes potential customers and their position in the sales cycle, using an easy-to-understand number system.
  • A marketing automation tool uses CRM data to determine successful sales strategies when performing after-sales analysis.
  • CRM data that is used in marketing automation allows you to personalize the process of communicating with customers.
  • A marketing automation tool allows customers to get interested in and lead them through the marketing funnel until they are ready for sales.
  • Ability to reduce the duration of the process of attracting new customers, thanks to personalization and context selection.
  • The combination allows organizations to track physical and virtual sales paths, identifying the most profitable.
  • Reduces the risk of doing business by giving marketers the tools they need to make practical business decisions.
  • We recommend: How to make friends marketing and sales departments

Combining CRM with marketing automation tools that analyze data will open valuable analytical assessments for your business. When using CRM data, this marketing tool guarantees high efficiency of the investment, and an increase in performance that you will see in the first reports.

Inquire the own website of the company or professional

If you see something strange or distrustful analyzing the company’s website then discard it. There is no room for excuses such as they have not finished the web because they have not stopped doing projects, the web is a bit abandoned because they do not have time, they do not have time to check their own website, at blacksmith’s house, stick knife, etc. Avoid always all the dimes and directs and choose the Web Designers for its professionalism, experience and above all for its transparency.Its not hat simple but not tough either.

Contact with clients of the company

A good way to have positive or negative feedback is to contact a customer of the company. It is very common for companies to advertise the web projects they have made. So in this way you can access the clients’ websites and contact them. It is recommended you to prepare 3 or 4 very simple questions of the type. Are you happy with the work done? If there were any, what things did you not like about the experience of working with this company? And finally, has the project met your expectations?

Visit the company and meet with the work team.

Normally when you are going to hire the services of a company you only talk to the sales person. However, you should not only stay there but you should also ask to know the people who will supposedly perform your project with names and surnames so that you know who will design your website, who will program it and who will direct and supervise the project. The objective is to identify well if the work will be done by more or less professional people and with more or less experience.

Analyze the presence of the company in social networks

This aspect is very important if you are going to hire a social media strategy since it does not make sense to hire a marketing company that has 50 fans on Facebook and 50 followers on Twitter. This indicator makes you realize that you are in front of a company with little experience and therefore inexperienced.

Conclusion: Analyze the SEO positioning of the company

This aspect is important if you are going to hire an SEO strategy for your web and it is not necessary to have knowledge of the subject. You just have to do simple searches in Google and place the web that you want to analyze and it will show you various free results of your best words positioned in the search engine or if you oppose a company to position your business when it has a null or negligible positioning in the search engine?

Better Opportunities for the Essential SMO

Although there are no specific rules for using social media, the company trends recently introduced us for our opinion on the subject.Simply put on paper our strengths, our weaknesses, our partners, our customers, our values, our beliefs, our passions, our interests, our competitors, inspirations and our habits of life with the technologies (example: you are using a BlackBerry or iPhone, etc.). This reflection allows, among other things, to determine a social tool that you can use to start. Once you know why you use it and are well integrated in your habits, you can use another one. It is one thing at a time. For better SMO and to increase the Like and share you should know the followings.

Each network has its strengths and weaknesses and you too.

Create your profile (Facebook, LinkeIn, Twitter, etc.) too quickly

  • Advertising from the start, creating a profile gives the impression of being a “spammer”. People do not like this approach.
  • Forgetting to regularly update its accounts on social networks / administering its social platforms by a trainee
  • One of the difficulties when we start on social networks is to be regular. I advise going there with a realistic pace. Sometimes, you may not be present. To fill the void, you can schedule publications in advance.

Create a Twitter account and stay in monitoring mode

It’s possible. It may be that the person simply did not understand the use and did not incorporate it into their habits. Another case is that some people also reserve names of users in various social networks to be able to use them later without losing their name.

Want to get immediate results

  • Building strong and lasting relationships takes time, as in any relationship … and even virtual.
  • Do not thank those who refer us (on Twitter for example)
  • It is possible that we did not get used to doing it. It’s not a regulation as such, but from time to time it’s appreciated. The more personalized the steps, the more concrete the results.
  • Publish the same content on all social media without listening or participating in exchanges to save time
  • In my opinion, it is necessary to diversify the content as much as possible and to be interested in the people who are part of your Web community.

Collect “friends”, “followers” or “contacts” to become more popular

If your goal is to sell, do you say that the marketing approach has no place 100% on social media? If you only collect people and do not participate in discussions and do not take the time to respond to people who add you to their account, the chances of positive feedback are minimal.

Being arrogant

Nobody likes to chat with unpleasant people. If you tend to be, without really wanting to, you can try to take the time to reread yourself before publishing. The recipe is to avoid going too spontaneously. You can continue to stay on social media by being aware that all information is public. It is advisable to control our behavior and certain emotions.

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